• Sometimes color pattern frames show different colors as in the colored paintings, why?We use color-coded frames to represent the colors used for coloring. However, sometimes users might experience that a color that is shown in the painting does not appear in the frame. There are multiple reasons behind this. First, some color has only a light weight in the color combination used for coloring, so the color might not be visualized in the frame. Second, we have trained the coloring neural network with a vast amount of color combinations and paintings. The output of the neural network is not deterministic. This means a color combination (as visualized in a frame) might lead to different coloring results.
  • How does Coloraid provide coloring suggestions?Coloraid provides coloring suggestions using trained deep neural networks. The networks are trained with a vast amount of color combinations and paintings, in order to provide pretty coloring on-the-fly.
  • Coloraid is an AI-powered creative tool. What does this mean?Coloraid is developed with full “AI powers”. It uses AI to generate beautiful coloring, perform HD upscaling, transfer styles, etc.
  • Coloraid runs very slow on my device, why?You might experience Coloraid runs slower than usual, when you have “low battery” mode activated. Turn off “low battery” mode in your iPhone Settings to speed up Coloraid.
  • The coloring results and resolution are different on my iPhone 8 than iPhone 11, why?Coloraid is supported on devices later than iPhone 6s. However, due to hardware limit on older devices such as iPhone6s, iPhone7, iPhone8 and iPhoneX, we have to compromise the performance using AI models with less deep neural networks and lower resolution. We use these models to avoid unpleasant long AI processing time and out-of-memory issues. Therefore, coloring results might look less sharp and slightly different on older devices, but the App can still run smoothly.
  • Where can I find the privacy policy and the terms of serviceThe terms of service for the coloraid iOS app can be found here
    The privacy policy for the coloraid iOS app can be found here
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